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Conditional ie comments in react.js

Sometimes easy things appear to be more complicated, than initially thought. For example conditional IE comments in HTML, which I had to add today to a code I write. At my work we have to support Internet Explorer browser version 9 an higher . In order to use media-queries we decided to use polyfill […]

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Using = null; instead of ;

How often have you done this in you code? Instead of this? While it might be used to accomplish the same result, the code above has some hidden pitfall in it. Image situation that you always use the code above, also inside your for statements. If you wouldn’t be careful enough, you might trap in […]


Focus, tabIndex and behavior of browsers

“Do not trust defaults” # Prefix Recently I had an opportunity to deal with focus behavior in browsers, with tabindex attribute and other focus related stuff. When I was doing this work I came across interesting aspects of focus implementation in different browsers. This article is exactly about all these things. Tested browsers are IE […]

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JavaScript Quiz: Challenge your brain

“Everything old is new again” Info: I’ve posted this javascript quiz almost two years ago. Unfortunately I’ve got some problems with host and this quiz was not available anymore. I still like this challenge, that’s why I decided to repost it again. Introduction I always enjoy programming JavaScript, it always brings me some new and […]

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JavaScript without “new” and “this”keywords

“If you don’t like ‘this’, try Zet.js” (c) M.Nemisj Plot: This article is about an experiment of avoiding “this” and “new” keywords in JavaScript and about the results of it. Harmful “new” keyword and replacement for that There are different debates flying around the internet about the safety of using “new” keyword in JavaScript. It’s […]

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