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Vim script for Node.js and ‘gf’

I wrote a vim script which can help you to do ‘gf’ on require statements when coding node.js modules. It uses node.js module resolution algorithm to add all the node_modules folders into the vim path variable, so that you can do ‘gf’ on modules which are not relative to the current folder of the file. […]

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Why I stopped using self when caching ‘this’

I bet you know the technique of caching “this” scope in order to use it in a closure. Of course it’s not a nice way of writing your code, but sometimes it’s just a fast shortcut, especially if you’re working with an older browser which doesn’t support “bind” feature. Nevertheless, even when I do use […]

Javascript to Python API reference guide

Do you also keep searching for JS terms to find out what Python API to use? I use this article as a reference guide of the javascript to python API. Prologue After constantly working with javascript for more than seven years I’ve decided to explore another programming language. Python became my language of choice. Since […]

Focus, tabIndex and behavior of browsers

“Do not trust defaults” # Prefix Recently I had an opportunity to deal with focus behavior in browsers, with tabindex attribute and other focus related stuff. When I was doing this work I came across interesting aspects of focus implementation in different browsers. This article is exactly about all these things. Tested browsers are IE […]

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