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GIT. Learn by doing: Chapter 4

This chapter is going to be part II of explanations about the merge. The reason why I explain merge in so many details because we will need it to understand how the D from DVCS works in Git. D stands for Distributed, and this is where an understanding of ‘merge’ is of significant importance. Fast-Forward […]

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GIT: Learn by doing. Chapter 2

What is a “branch” ? If you have read the previous two chapters, you should already know that commit is the most fundamental part in Git. Diverged history points (alternate future) makes it possible to create branches. In this chapter I’m going to tell you about the “branches” you knew before – what are those, […]

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GIT: Learn by doing

This is a series of articles about Git ( version control system (VCS). I aim to show you Git from a different perspective, starting with the central part of Git – commit and going further into the branches and remotes. You will see what is in reality underneath “origin”, why the button “Create branch” in […]

GIT: Learn by doing. Chapter 1

This is the second article of the series about Git. If you haven’t read the introduction, I strongly advise you to do this since this chapter will operate on the knowledge you’ve received in the intro. This time you will have to do exercises in the terminal of your choice. Most of the practices will […]

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